45 families of the Bartang valley received solar cookers and other solar equipment


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Bartang is one of the remote, poor valleys of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast of Tajikistan, where people still suffer from the absence of the electricity. It is located 200 km far from the administrative center - Khoorg town to which it is connected with poor-condition road.  

Recently, with the initiative of the "Little Earth" and "Sunhelp International" many vulnerable families of Bartang valley have received free energy efficient equipment such as solar cookers, solar portable lanterns and pressure cookers. Now the families can use the solar power for cooking, and lightening their room. 

In this short video, the 'Little Earth' tells the story of a schoolchild from Barchidif village of Bartang valley - Farrukh. Farrukh tells how his life has changed in a better way after receiving the solar equipment.  

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