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Autoconducción por la autopista Pamir

Last updated: 20 de Mayo de 2023 a las 16:23

If you are an experienced driver, self-driving is a great way to discover The Pamirs. Many of our travelers who did the Pamir Highway for self-drive, have always asked about where to fill up, eat and stay. Taking thins into account, we decided to write this article as a travel guide for those who want to do a self-drive.

Road Situation

Pamir Highway

The road from Qalai Khumb to Rushan is under reconstruction. It is closed on day-time, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Therefore we recommend to cross this area either ealy morning or in the evening.  

Bartang Road

The road from Karakul to Kudara village of Bartang valley is still closed. (May 20). We will update our website as soon as there will be any change. 

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