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Welcome to our updated website!


Welcome to our updated website!

The brand name of Discover The Pamirs came to my mind few years ago, on 2014. The first version of the website was developed in 2018, during my last semester of my study. The dream of creating this website has never left me while I was busy with studies. With the first chance, when we were given a choice for choosing project work title in the last semester of our study, I took "Creating online marketplace for selling tours" as the title of my project  work. This was the time when Discover the Pamirs was actually born. At the beginning, the website was very simple, cause I could not implement using Python everything I was thinking cheeky. Moreover, the low requirement of the project work let me to limit the features. 

The renewed version of the Discover The Pamirs is very powerful now. And it is still not the end of the development. I am going to add other services and also improve the look and feel of the website to make booking and travelling to Pamir easy and accessable!

~ Saidmamad Gulomshoev

the developer of the Discover The Pamirs.

Posté le: 6 juillet 2022 07:12 by Admin

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