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Pricing plans: we help everyone to visit Pamir

Last updated: 1 juin 2023 23:02

Although Tajikistan is a developing country, but the quality of services varies tremendously. For example, in few cities and towns you can stay in luxury hotels, if you are interested. While in small towns and remote places, there are cheaper hotels and guesthouses. Of course, the travelers are interested in different comfort level: some visitors are not interested in luxury hotels; they don't care where they stay: in a hostel or a guesthouse, does not matter. Or they even prefer to stay in hostel to cut down the cost. While for the other tourists, comfortable luxury hotels are the must.

For this purpose, we do not want to put all of the group of the tourists in one pot, rather we created different pricing plans for our tour packages. By this way, we are helping everyone to visit Pamir from low budget to luxury.

Pricing plans

Basic Standard Comfort
Number of travelers share a car:
4 (4+) persons +1 guide in a car;
Luggage on the rack
3 persons +1 guide in a car; 2 persons +1 guide in a car;

Hostels, gueshouses;
room shared by 2+ travelers;

Less hotels (3*);
Twin room or double room

maximum hotels (5*);
single room;
the best gueshouses where no hotels;



Transportation cost is one of the most expensive part of the tour price. We hire local drivers from the community and they charge 0.8 USD/km. Hence, if we drive 2000 km, we pay them 1800 USD per each car.

Therefore, the more travelers share a car, the cheaper the tour package becomes, because the transporation cost (and not only) is shared by the number of tourists in the car. 

The type of cars we use is Toyota Landcruiser 200/105/100/80.

Rent a car in Tajikistan


How many persons fit in a car?

When the shared taxi drivers carry passengers from Dushanbe to Khorog and back in one day, they take 7 passengers in a car, i.e. they take 3 passengers in the back row, 3 passengers in the middle row and 1 in the front seat.

But we take 4 tourists + a guide in a car for the Basic option for comfortablility: 2 in the back, 2 in the middle and 1 in front row. So everyone sits at the windows and enjoys the view of the Pamir mountains. No worries, you can switch your seats after half a day.  

All of you luggage we keep on the roof rack.

Pamir Highway Tour - Basic option. Toyota Landcruiser 200 is shared by 4 tourists

Pamir Highway Tour - Basic option. Toyota Landcruiser 200 is shared by 4 tourists

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