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Why Pamir?

The Pamir Mountains that wrap around and zig-zag the eastern half of Tajikistan are the country’s #1 tourist destination. But even as the #1 tourist attraction in the country, they are still widely untouched. Check out these 10 reasons to visit the Pamirs!

The Bam-i-Dunya as it’s known to the Pamiris- The Roof Of The World: The Pamir Highway is the mother of all road trips. This is surely one of the world’s grandest adventures whether you drive it or cycle it. The Pamir Highway will take you over high altitude mountain passes surrounded by icy peaks and dotted with Kyrgyz yurt camps and Pamiri settlements. Then of course there’s all those side trips you can take from the Pamir Highway- The Wakhan Valley, Bartang Valley, Pshart & Madiyan Valleys, Mountain Lakes of Bachor… just to name a few. The Pamir Highway will take you through the biggest province of Tajikistan, the GBAO (Gorno Badakshan Autonomous Oblast). Make sure you get your permit when you apply for your Tajik visa.