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Yay! We have a great news for you!


Yay! We have a great news for you!

Getting the reliable information is one of the biggest challenges we face every day. And now, when it comes to the information regarding traveling to the Pamir, Discover The Pamirs comes to rescue!   

Yes! We have got a news for you! We have finished developing the NEWS section of our website and from now on you will be informed about anything related to traveling to Pamir and Tajikistan.

One of the aims of creating Discover The Pamirs was to provide the first-hand and reliable information to the travellers travelling to Pamir and Tajikistan! The platform, which makes this possible is ready now! The next step is to provide news to the interested people instantly, which I think, as I am living in Tajikistan, is possible! With the help of our partners, we will do our best to provide the reliable information to you on time!  

So now, I will be updating you with the news happening in Pamir and Tajikistan.

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Thank you & take care! 

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