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How to get the GBAO permit?

Last updated: 21 décembre 2022 17:16

GBAO (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast) makes up nearly forty-five percent of the Tajikistan's land area, but only two percent of its population. This is the region, where is located Pamir and Pamir Mountains.

GBAO region of Tajikistan is a special border zone and to travel there an additional permit is required, called GBAO permit.

Since 2004, the GBAO permit is issued on a slip of paper issued by OVIR (the Department of visas and registration of foreign citizens). The GBAO permit will list the regions in Gorno-Badakhshan that you are allowed to visit, which will be some or all of: Darvaz, Vanj, Rushan, Shugnan, Ishkashim, Roshtqala and Murghab. Make sure that all the regions you plan to visit are listed. 

Worth to mention, that when you have the GBAO permit, which can lists all regions, there will be some areas inside the GBAO that require seperate permision. They are:

1) Sarez lake permit
2) Zorkul lake permit
3) National park permit

How to obtain GBAO permit?

There are below different ways to obtain the GBAO permit:

1) Via OVIR:
After your arrival in Dushanbe, you can apply yourself by physically visiting the Department of visas and registration of foreign citizens (OVIR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Do not dorget to have you passport with you. It takes one day but sometimes more or less time. Therefore, if you want to continue  your trip directly after your arrivals or in the next day early morning, this way is sometimes is timetaking.

2) Via evisa.tj along with visa:
Alternatively, you can obtain GBAO permit along with the evisa: when you apply for evisa, tick the GBAO permit also, to get both at once. The visa wll be issued electronically and send to your email.

3) Via the Embassy of Tajikistan in your country:
If you obtain the GBAO permit (and Tajikistan visa) via the Embassy of Tajikistan in your country or your neighbour country, you need a Letter of Invitation from a travel agency who provides your tour to Tajkistan.  

4) Via us:
In case you have the Tajik visa (got it via evisa or via embassy or want to get it later), but not GBAO permit, you can send us a copy of your passport along with the permit fee and we organize the permit before arrival to Tajikistan.


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