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Who We Are?

Who We Are?

Welcome to 'Discover The Pamirs,' your gateway to an extraordinary adventure in Tajikistan!

Our commitment to excellence ensures a seamless and unforgettable journey through the captivating landscapes of Pamir. From tailored tours, comfortable off-road vehicles, and accommodation booking to car rental services and expert guiding, we offer a comprehensive range of services to match your preferences and pace. Join us at Discover The Pamirs, where every service is a step towards creating memories that last a lifetime.

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Featured Tours

Discover Pamir's beauty with our handpicked tours. Immerse yourself in Tajikistan's enchanting landscapes, from the iconic Pamir Highway to hidden gems in remote villages. Choose from our meticulously designed tours to unlock the essence of Pamir and craft lasting memories. Your extraordinary journey into the heart of Central Asia begins here.

Circle trip: Pamir Highway, Bartang and Wakhan

Circle trip: Pamir Highway, Bartang and Wakhan

Join the group tour to Pamir - the 11-day circle trip jeep tour, and explore the Pamir Highway, Wakhan valley, and Bartang valley.

11 days, Jeep tour, Hiking → Pamir, Tajikistan

Starting Point: Dushanbe
Ending Point: Dushanbe

Pamir Highway Tour 2024

Pamir Highway Tour 2024

Embark on a 10-day journey through Pamir's landscapes, ancient cultures, encounter hospitality, explore sites, and marvel at nature's beauty.

10 days, Jeep tour, Hiking → Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

Starting Point: Dushanbe
Ending Point: Dushanbe

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Car Rental Service

Car rental service in Pamir and Tajikistan

Discover the freedom of exploring Tajikistan at your own pace with our car rental service. Choose between hiring a car with a driver for a relaxed journey or opt for our limited selection of self-drive rentals. While the car rental scene in Tajikistan is still emerging, we offer a unique opportunity to experience the country independently. Embrace the adventure with Discover The Pamirs – your key to flexible and personalized travel.