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Dancing is a part of almost all traditional and contemporary repertoires of Pamiri musicians. There are more then 80 various dances such as; rapo dance, masked dances, horse dances, camel dance, setor dance, ghijack dance, eagle dances, fox dance, chicken dances, pantomime dances, daf dances, spoon dances, mughulbozi, funeral dances (poyamal, kash-sha) jag dances etc...

In this video, Niloufar and Amyna perform pamiri traditional dance. They are dressed in Pamiri traditional dresses, which consists of mainly two colours: white and red. 

Postato il: Lunedì 24 Maggio 2021 13:35 by Saidmamad

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beautiful girls of Pamir! :-)

Saidmamad | Feb 10, 2020 | 21:49

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