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Discover The Pamirs organizes different kinds of tours and activities to the Pamir region of Tajikistan. In co-operation with local community and service-providers, we have built a strong system of services, that allows travellers to book and buy tour packages as a whole or partially. It is basically a community based tour operator that supports the community of the remote Pamir to get involved in tourism and benefit from it.

Discover The Pamirs is putting the best ready-to-book itineraries to give more choices for the travellers to find out an appropriate trip based on their time and budgets, and interests. To cut down the cost of the tours and services, tourists can join a group, which have garanteed fixed departures. It is also possible to book the tour as private.

If you could not find an appropriate tour from the listing, please drop us an email and we can design tailor-made tour according to your desire.

We also consider the budget travellers and provides services partially with co-operation of the local community and service providers (drivers with their cars, guides, etc ). For more information, please read here.

For common questions please read Frequestly Asked Questions. Also you can contact our agent using the web chat (look at the bottom right of the window) or email for recommendations and futher details. Our team is always happy to talk to you and help you in discovering The Pamirs.

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