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A happy poor old woman from Alichur village of Pamir shares her life stories


A happy poor old woman from Alichur village of Pamir shares her life stories

On the way to Murghab. We stopped for a lunch at a cafe in Alichur. I met an old women who was crossing by the cafe. I greeted her and asked how is life in Alichur and she started telling her life storiies: 
"My husband died years ago. I don't have any income except the pension I get from the government. It is not sufficient, but I am surviving with it. My home is not far from the cafe", which is behind her on the photo. 
"Few days ago, I saw the God in my dream. I crossed the small bridge and saw an old man, sitting on a big stone. I greeted him and sat near him on the stone. He responded to my greetings, and asked:
-Do you know who I am? 
-No, I am sorry, I don't. 
- I am the God. 
I woke up immediately as soon as I heard it. Then I sucrified a big sheep and fed the people of the village. Another sheep I sent to the village Imom which is in Ghund valley of the Shugnan district to sacrifice it there."

She was telling her dream with the eyes full of tears of happiness. It was too cold because I was still wearing shorts. But I didn't pay attention to the coldness, as the stories of the old woman life, and her belief were really nice to hear and were keeping me warm. I understood that happiness does not depend on money sometimes. Poor people are also happy, because they are spiritually STRONG

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Posted on: July 6, 2022, 7:12 a.m. by Admin

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