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8-day Dushanbe to Osh Pamir Highway Tour including the Wakhan valley

8 days Jeep tour , Cultural Tours Pamir Highway, Tajikistan


The Pamir Highway is one of the most beautiful road trips in Central Asia. The Pamir HIghway Itinerary from Dushanbe to Osh is the best 8-day Pamir Highway itinerary, which includes detours like trekking to Jizev village of Bartang valley, and discovering the famous Wakhan valley. 

Pamir Highway is a unique experience where you learn the culture of Pamir people, history of the region, and enjoy breathtaking landscapes of severe mountains. This is rather tough travel where you overcome hundreds of kilometers of bad roads, harsh mountain climate, and spartan accommodation.



  • Pamir Highway (4655m) - the second highest in the world

  • Jizeu trekking

  • Swimming in hot springs

  • Visiting the Bulunkul and Karakul lakes

  • Experience the different lifestyle of the western and eastern local Pamiri people.


 Itinerary of Dushanbe to Osh Pamir Highway Tour:

Day 01: Dushanbe - Qalai Khumb

Today we have a long drive (380 km, 8-10 hours), but the condition of the road is good. We start earlier in order to have enough time for photo stops. The road lies through the city of Kulob and along Afghanistan border. Lunch in Kulob. Drive along the river Panj to Kalai-Khumb. Overnight in a guesthouse.

Day 02: Qalai Khumb - Jizev

Driving along the Panj river, shorter distance (220 km, 6 hours), but the road condition is bumpy. You will see Afghanistan from the right side across the river. After reaching Rushan, we will turn left and drive towards Bartang valley. We cross a bridge and do trekking towards the Jizeu village - a remote untouched village with 12 households, where no electricity, no mobile connection with the world. The trekking takes 2.5-3 hours. Overnight in a guesthouse in Jizev.  

Day 03: Jizev - Khorog

We hike down to the bridge where our car will pick up us and drive to Khorog. 

Day 04: Khorog - Bibi Fatima hotspring

After driving 40 km opposite the Panj river, along the border of Afghanistan, we turn right and drive 7 km offroad to the left to visit the Garmchashma hot spring. Drive towards the hotspring: on the way, visit Kah-Kaha, one of the old fortresses on the Silk Road. Then, continue to the ruins of Yamchun Fortress (4-3rd centuries B.C.), sacred hot springs of Bibi Fatima Zahra,

Day 05: Bibi Fatima hotspring - Langar
Today visit the Museum of Sufi Muborak-Kadami Vakhani, a local Sufi scholar, theologian, poet and traveller, who died in 1910. There is a stone pillar with a hole near his house that he used to calculate a solar calendar and a building with inscriptions and decorations. We will also visit Buddhist Stupa. Homestay overnight. 

Day 06: Langar - Bulunkul - Murghab

Visiting the Bulunkul lake and Yashilkul lake. After lunch driving towards Murghab region. 

Day 07: Murghab - Rangkul - Karakul lake

Drive towards Karakul lake. Homestay overnight. It might be difficult to fall asleep on the height of 3600meters due to the lack of oxygen and dry air. 

Day 08: Karakul - Osh 

Driving to Osh. Drop-off at the hotel. 

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May 20 - May 27, 2024 D105
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Brief info

Tour code: JT004

Tour type: Group Tour

Duration: 8 days

Activity: Jeep tour, Cultural Tours

Destination: Pamir Highway

Route: Dushanbe Jizev Khorog Wakhan Valley Murghab Karakul lake Osh

Seasonality: April - November

Starting Point: Dushanbe

Ending Point: Osh

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