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Circle trip: Pamir Highway, Bartang and Wakhan

11 days Jeep tour , Hiking Pamir, Tajikistan


Discover the entire Pamir in 11 days! It is a round-trip jeep tour, which includes the most famous destinations of the Pamir - the Wakhan valley, Murghab, region, and Bartang valley. During the tour you will see different people, different life st...

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  • Driving over the second highest road in the world – the Pamir Highway (4656 m)

  • Visiting the top destinations of the world: Bartang valley and Wakhan valley

  • Trekking to the famous Jizeu village of Bartang valley

  • Fantastic view of the Pamir mountains and Hindukush range

  • Afghanistan villages and people on the opposite side of the Panj river in a touching distance, landscapes and high mountains

  • Swimming in hotsprings: healthy for your body, scalp, skin and etc

  • Visiting historical sites, fortresses and monuments, lakes

  • Meeting local people.


Our guide and driver will pick you up in the morning. Please have breakfast and be ready by 7:30 am. Driving to Kalai Khumb, a town located on the Panj River. En route, visit Hulbuk Fortress and the Nurek Dam. The road is paved and quite good. We will have lunch in a café in Kulob. After passing Shurobod pass, you will see the first view of Afghanistan, on the other side of the Panj river.  Overnight in Kalai Khumb – the center of the Darvaz region, which is the first region of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO).

Altitude: 1900 m
Driving distance: 370 km
Duration: 8 hours

Today we have to start our journey earlier, because at day-time the road from Kalai Khumb to the entrance of Rushan is closed due to the road reconstruction at daytime. We need to pass the construction area early morning. After passing the construction area, we will have breakfast. Continue driving towards Bartang valley. After having lunch in Baghu village of Bartang valley, we continue driving to the Jizeu bridge where our trekking to Jizeu starts. We leave our bags in the car and visit the beautiful, remote, untouched and isolated village of Bartang valley, called Jizeu. Jizeu has no road, no electricity and no mobile or internet connection, but has very beautiful forests and lakes inside the village, located among the high Pamir Mountains. Overnight in Jizeu. 

Driving distance: 203 km
Trekking: 8 km 
Trekking time: 3 hours
Altitude: 2700 m 

We do hike in upper Jizeu and come back to our homestay at lunch time. Trekking down to the bridge, where our car will be waiting for us. Continue exploring Bartang valley. On the way stop to visit petroglyphs in Dasht village, near Siponj. Driving to Basid village. Dinner and overnight in a homestay in Basid. 

Trekking: 8 km 
Trekking time: 3 hours
Driving distance: 58 km
Altitude: 2300 m 


Drive to Barchidif village - another beautiful village in Bartang village of Pamir. On the way we visit Roshorv village (3000 m), where we can have lunch and do a short hike towards the footer of the  Azalsho Olimov peak (before, Labnazar peak) 5990m. On the way to Barchidif we visit Nisur village, where we can see an interesting unique apple tree, which gives fruits twice a year. Dinner and overnight in Barchidif village. 

Altitude: 2500 m 
Distance: 72 km
Hiking duration: 2 hours 


Continue exploring Bartang valley. In Sawnob village we can visit a fortress and see a cave, which were used to protect people from enemies. Driving upper Bartang valley, and exploring villages and the local people. After having lunch in Kudara village (3000 m) – the last village of Bartang valley, we continue driving to Karakul lake via Kokjar pass. Karakul lake is the largest lake in Tajikistan, the area of which is XX . Overnight in Karakul village in a homestay.  

Altitude: 3900 m 
Distance: 189 km

Today we will be driving on the Pamir Highway, and passing over the highest point of the Pamir Highway – 4655 m, which is called Ak-Baital pass. Taking photos at the Akbaital sign. If a group wants, there is another viewpoint above Akbaital, the altitude of which is 4750 m approximately. We can hike to the top, and take a very nice panorama photo from the top. 

Driving to Rankul village. On the way a short photo stop for taking photos of Rangkul lake. Driving to remote Rangkul village, which is just 3 km far from the China border. You will see the view of the Muztaata mountain located in China. 

Driving to Murghab and staying in a homestay in Murghab.  

Altitude: 3750 m 
Distance: 207 km

After breakfast, visit the Murghab bazaar, which is made of truck containers. Murghab is a small town, where majority of the population are Kyrgyz people. You can visit Yak House at the bazaar or at the ACTED office, to see or buy souvenirs.  
Driving to Bulunkul village – the coldest village in Pamir, where the temperature in winter time reaches down to minus 63 degrees Celsius. There are 50 households living in the village.  We will visit Yashilkul lake with our car and do hiking to Bulunkul lake. Overnight in Bulunkul village in a homestay. 

Altitude: 3800 m 
Distance: 143 km

Today we will be driving down to the Wakhan valley - one of the most beautiful destinations of Pamir region. Driving to Langar village. After lunch we visit petroglyphs – the drawings on the stones, which have more than 5000 years age. Continue driving to Vrang village, where you will do a hike to visit Buddah stuppa (40 min.). Drive towards Yamg village. Visiting the museum of Sufi Mubaraki Wakhoni – the famous pamiri astronomist, scientist.  Driving to Bibiftotima hotspring. On the way visit Yamchun fortress. Swimming in the Bibifotima hotspring. Dinner and overnight in a guesthouse. 

Altitude: 3000 m 
Distance: 381 km

Driving to Khorog – the administrative center of the region. On the way, stop at the Qahqaha fortress - a 4th century AD monument left from Kushan era.  It is the second notable fortification built in Wakhan to secure Western Pamirs after Yamchun fort. After lunch visiting Garmchashma hotspring, which is helpful for skin diseases. Continue driving to Khorog. In Khorog we can visit Khorog Central Park, Khorog bazaar, DePamiri Handicraft, and etc. Overnight in Khorog.

Altitude: 2500 m 
Distance: 200 km

After breakfast, driving back to Qalai Khumb. After Rushan, the road will be repeating. At day time, the road will be closed due to the construction, but it will be open at lunch time. So we should be close to the starting point of the construction in order to enter the area, and may be cross the construction at the lunch time. 
Dinner and overnight in Qalai Khumb. 

Altitude: 1900 m 
Distance: 240 km

Driving back to Dushanbe via Tavildara pass. Enjoy the scenic drive along the Pamir Highway (M41).  Having farewell dinner at a restaurant in Dushanbe. We will drop you off at your hotel. Saying good-bye to your guide and driver! The end of the tour.  

Altitude: 800 m 
Distance: 286 km

Price list

The price of the tour depends on the number of the travelers in the group. As the transportation service is the main part of the tour price, we are taking maximum up to 4 travelers (+tour guide) in the car (which have 7 seats) to make the tour affordable to everyone and still keep the comfort. .  

At the moment, we have 10% OFF for early booking, which is vallid till the end of January, 2024!. 

1    traveler:      3568    3250    USD/person (18% OFF)
2    travelers:    2001    1820    USD/person (13% OFF)
3    travelers:    1445    1320    USD/person
4    travelers:    1191    1090    USD/person
5    travelers:    1527    1390    USD/person
6    travelers:    1344    1220    USD/person
7    travelers:    1213    1099    USD/person
8    travelers:    1115    1020    USD/person
9    travelers:    1310    1190    USD/person
10  travelers:    1222    1120    USD/person
11  travelers:    1150    1050    USD/person
12  travelers:    1293   1180    USD/person
13  travelers:    1227    1120   USD/person
14  travelers:    1170    1070    USD/person

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Transportation service (4WD off-road Toyota Landcruiser)
  • Accommodation in guesthouses and homestays
  • Driver's food and accommodation
  • Food: full-board, and bottled water during the trip
  • English-speaking guide
  • Entrance fees to the sites as per itinerary.
  • Flight tickets from and to Tajikistan
  • Personal travel insurance
  • GBAO permit
  • Consular fees for Tajikistan tourist visa
  • Food and accommodation in Dushanbe.

Important Notes

For visa, please read here about how to get Tajikistan visa

Apart from the visa, you will need GBAO permit to enter the Pamir region. Please read here: how to get the GBAO permit?

Tours that can be added to this tour:

  1. Trekking to the lake Sarez  (+2 days).
    Visiting the Lake Sarez needs a special permit. Read here how to get the Sarez Lake permit.
  2. Iskanderkul lake Day Trip (+1 day)


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Brief info

Tour code: JT002

Tour type: Group Tour, Multiday Tour

Duration: 11 days

Activity: Jeep tour, Hiking

Destination: Pamir

Route: Dushanbe Jizeu village Bartang valley Karakul lake Bulunkul lake Wakhan valley Dushanbe

Seasonality: May - November

Starting Point: Dushanbe

Ending Point: Dushanbe

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