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Tour Booking Terms & Conditions

Last updated: Jan. 4, 2024, 8:39 p.m.

Booking procedure 

We have created different departure dates for the ready group tours on our website. Travelers from arround the world can choose the departure based on their date, time and activity preferences. Especially, if you are a solo traveler, you can reserve a place and we try to  find other travelers from our side for your departure. 

Ways to find travelers for your departure

Once you have confirmed your booking, we try the following methods of finding other travellers for your departure:

  • travellers send requests via our website, and after they confirm their booking, we put them on your departure, based on the date match. 
  • we try to find travelers via our partners who may also have solo travelers who may want to join the same departure.
  • we try via hotels and guesthuses partners who may have solo travelers for the departure.   
  • you also can try to find travelers on your side by posting in forums like Caravanistan, and etc. Some of our previous clients did the same and they found others who wanted to join. And when they have arrived, they found another person in the guesthouse.

What if we cannot find others who want to join your departure?

It is possible that we cannot find other travelers for your departure, after attempting the methods noted above. For example, we have found two travelers but we need one more traveler. Or may be you are alone. In these cases, we let offer you the following choices:

  1. if you (and those who are already in the group) are ready to pay for the tour, we can operate the tour. 
  2. Otherwise we will return your deposit fully. 

Do I have to pay more if the group is not full?

The price of the tour is not fixed. It means that the tour price is shared by the number of the travelers in the group. The most expensive part of the tour price is the transportation service. We hire local drivers from Pamir with their cars and they charge 0.65 -0.8 USD per killometre (depends on car type, and the season, and the price of fuel). For example, if the total distance of the tour is 2000 km, we pay the driver 1600 USD - 2000 USD. 

Therefore, we have to pay the drivers the amount in any case: whether there are 1 traveler or 4 travelers. So the price of the tour will increase, if the group is not full, since the price of the transport is shared by the number of travelers in your group. You can check the prices for different number of the persons for each tour. 

Payment procedure

  • 20% of the tour cost (or other service) should be paid in advance to secure the departure, initiate the accommodation bookings and other arrangements.
  • 80% of the tour cost can be paid on arrival in cash. 

Cancellation Policy

After you have paid the deposit, and want to cancel your booking to some personal reasons, we follow below rules:

  1. if all others in your departure also cancel their booking request, then we return your deposits fully (except the transaction charges, if any).
  2. Otherwise, we cannot return your deposit, since we need to operate the tour for others in the group. 


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